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Te Ata: Oklahoma Cultural Treasure is one of the biographies about notable Oklahomans in the I Am Oklahoma Children's Series published by Oklahoma Heritage Association Publishing, the publishing arm of the Oklahoma Hall of Fame. The books are designed for students at the elementary level to learn more about the Oklahomans who have made our state great. Teachers and librarians are also using Te Ata: Oklahoma Cultural Treasure in middle and high school classes.

Te Ata: Oklahoma Cultural Treasure


Born in 1895 in Indian Territory, Te Ata grew up during a time when Chickasaw children were not allowed to speak their native language in their own schools. They could not tell the stories or play the games of their culture. This was true for the children of many tribes throughout North America. 


Te Ata worried the traditions of Native Americans would be lost or forgotten forever. For more than seventy-five years, she used her acting talent to show people around the world the beauty and wisdom of Native Americans. Oklahoma honored her dedication in two important ways. She is in the Oklahoma Hall of Fame. And she was named the first Oklahoma Cultural Treasure.


Pati Hailey

Author, Editor, Speaker
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